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      I signed me and my son up for the Moosilauke Flag raising. With us, being his age, its a weather pending thing. I’d hate for the weather to not cooperate, us not going, and that summit not having a flag.
      I will do my best to make it up there, but will not jeopardize his safety. So far we are the only ones signed up for that trip. Im hoping, for the sake of the cause, that we will not be the only ones that will hike it. :flag:

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        Thanks for signing up for Moosilauke! It is still early an there will likely be others wanting to join you on such a beautiful peak. Even if no one else signs up, if the weather is descent, there will be dozens of people on the summit sharing your experience… 😀

        Regardless, if the weather is bad the event may or may not be postponed (depending on how severe the weather is). If the event is still on, but the weather is marginal, this is something that you will have to decide on, and safety should be your number one choice…

        If you do need to cancel for any reason, please let us know ASAP…

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          I didn’t get a chance to sign up for a peak, so if you would like a back up, I would be willing to plan on hiking Moosilauke with you and your son, along with my kids. Of course if the weather is that bad, we would all likely make the same decision.

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            Frodo makes an excellent point. Even if MLaurence doesn’t join you, my “group” (it was me a one other person) took care of the peak and met about 75 other people at the summit. Check the pics:

            Team Davey
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              I recently posted the plan route for the hike (benton trail). Hope you and your son can join us. We have a flag/pole. A list of names would be great.



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