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      Hi Everyone,

      We are a little less than three weeks out from the hike so I wanted to get everyone’s input on the hike. We will be bringing a flag as well as rope and a pole. We are trying to decide if we will be doing a loop that will bring us a scenic route but our guys carrying the flag pole probably won’t be taking the loop because of the gear. Please leave any and all input below! See you all soon!

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        Troop 11 will be joining you on the peak. Not sure of our head count yet, but probably enough to make a stand alone hiking group.

        Our group has a light weight 17 foot flag pole that has stood up for 3 “Flags” (missed getting the lead this year by mere seconds!) My Scouts usually have no issue in carrying it. Contact me if this sounds easier than your rig 🙂


        Berkshire Geoff
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          We are posting 2 routes for those who want a shorter direct hike to the summit.

          The flag pole will be carried up the Hale Brook Trail leaving from Zealand Road parking lot 2.5 miles from route 302.
          Trailhead elevation 1770’ Summit 4052’ Gain 2282’
          Book time for this 2.2 mile hike to the summit is 2H 15M
          Plan to leave the parking lot at 9am

          The longer route which will loop through Zealand notch, Falls and Hut then taking a line to the summit.
          This loop beginning at the second parking lot which is 1 mile past the first lot for the above hike on Zealand Road.
          We will begin on the Zealand trail, moderately easy to the awesome Zealand Notch, a short .2 tenth to the Zealand Falls Hut, and Zealand Falls., connecting with the Twinway and continuing to Mt. Hale on the Lend A Hand trail 2.7 miles to the summit
          Trailhead elevation 2000’ Hut Elevation 2630’ Gain 630’
          Book time for this 2.8 mile hike to the Hut is 1H 45M
          Hut Elevation 2630’ Summit 4052’ Gain 1422’
          Book time for this 2.7 mile hike to the Hut is 2H
          Plan to leave the parking lot at 7:45am

          Flag up by noon, and down after 2pm

          We will decent the 2.2 miles on the Hale brook trail, and spot cars for the 1 mile trip to the parking lot and or walk.

          Bring a compass and see if the rocks on Mt. Hale are magnetic as I have read.

          See you all there and pick your start time.

          I say the more flags we fly the better!!

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            :flag: Looking forward to this hike. Neil and I are 1st timers for Flags on the 48 and I have been wanting to do this since the 1st time I heard about it 2 years ago. Unfortunately between life’s obligations and Mother Nature we didn’t get any hikes in this summer. So our plan is to start early and meet up with every one on the top. We plan on taking Hale Brook Trail you might see us when pass us on the way up. If there is anything anyone needs us to bring please let me know. We will be spending the night before on the Kanc.

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              Hi Everyone,

              About 5 days until the event, just wanted to update you all on the plan. It seems we have a few different groups traveling up that day which is great! We do have a flag, pole, and rope but we welcome ALL flags that people would like to bring. The more the better! If anyone has any questions before the hike, please feel free to send me a message or leave a comment here. I will be traveling with 5 people via the loop trail starting at about 8am and our other group will begin about the same time on the direct trail as they have the flag pole.

              See you all soon! :flag:

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