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  • Dick B.
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      Team Darwin made it to the top of Hale…..It was a chore to get the flag up on this very windy day but we did…Between Darin & Shawn we were able to keep it flying till 2

      Shawn did a great job & I want to thank him for taking over this summit at the last minute

      Thank you Shawn & it was nice meeting you

      This is my 1st FOT48 & won’t be my last …Had a GREAT time

      Thanks all
      Dick Bedard

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        Wow…I don’t even know how to thank all of you guys! I have done flags for a while now and this by far was the best one to date! The banner was awesome it really added alot to the memorial. I’m not sure I remember the hoisting method we used today so I guess you all will have to join us next year!

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          It was great to hit the summit and see the flag flying!

          And – to witness what may have been the very first wedding engagement at a FOT48 summit!!

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            It was great to see you both, it seems like we run into each other once every two years! The wedding engagment was pretty cool. It was a great day all around!

            Darin Gagne
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              I am sure glad Dick invited me to join him. I had such a great time up top helping to rig up the flag pole.

              The weather was awful driving up and driving back home to Manchester but the weather could not of been better for the hike and the few hours we spent up top.

              I wish the newly engaged couple posts the video I took for them as he asked her to marry him. Very Cool.

              The Black Hawk was nothing short of Awesome.

              But most of all the company of my buddies Dick and Mike as well as all of the hikers who made the hike up made this first FOT48 unforgetable.

              I can’t wait until next year to be part of Team Darwin.

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