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    Mt. Field crew,
    thank you for signing up to be a part of such a spectacular event.

    Please meet my wife, Lori, and me at the AMC Highland Center (2,000 ft) (Rt. 302, between the towns of Twin Mountain and Bartlett) at 8 AM on the day of the event. Hopefully there will be another incredible day in store for us.

    The plan is to follow the Avalon trail, up and over Mt. Avalon (3,442 ft), continuing to the summit of Mt. Field (4,340 ft). With the close proximity of Mt. Tom (4,051 ft, roughly a mile and a half detour via Mt. Tom summit vs. Mt. Avalon summit) to our intended ascent route, and of Mt. Willey (4,285 ft, 1.4 miles SE of Mt. Field) to our summit, additional summit visits are a possibility, at the unanimous decision of the team, if done during ascent or descent. I will gladly mind our flag if smaller subsets of our crew would like to visit other peaks during the time that all flags will be flying, so long as all crewmembers return to our summit by agreed-upon time of descent.

    Lori and I will bring all required rigging, flagpole, and flag. My flag is approximately 2 1/2 feet by 5 feet, and while significant to me, very likely not visible from other summits. If the crew wishes to bring a larger flag, please be sure to also have the appropriate rigging to fly such a flag. Strong winds last year on the summit of South Twin would likely have snapped the flagpole with anything larger than my flag. Regardless of forecast, or base conditions, please bring sufficient rain gear and insulating gear for a potentially frigid, windy, wet, dangerous day on the mountain.

    Lori and I are easy to spot – she’s a petite blonde with a turquoise pack, while I’m the lucky blonde guy next to her, just over a foot taller, with a black pack. We’ll either have a yellow Jeep Wangler Rubicon or a white Jeep Patriot. See y’all in the AM!


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