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      Honoring the tragic victims of September 11th is the least any of us should do.

      I woke up early on Saturday the 9th and went back to basics, starting with a breakfast at my mother’s house and an early drive up north. I pulled into the Cog parking lot a little before eight and met GO, Kevin, and Ed Hawkins, all ready to tackle Monroe.

      We began up the Ammonoosuc Trail at a steady pace. The temperature was comfortable, clouds were overcast, and the ensuing storm was looming. The real questions was if GO’s or my flagpole would be the best lightning rod.

      We shared several stories, thoughts, and memories of 9-11. Several groups stopped us and asked what we were carrying. GO, carrying two poles that were designed to connect together at the summit, joked that he was going to play volleyball at the top. I was carrying one wider pole that was able to be extended out to fifteen feet and replied that I was king of the mountain for the day.

      Gary and Susan caught up with us at the start of the rocky area and the group continued on to the Hut. Here, we regrouped, talked with other fellow hikers, shared what we were doing that day, and anxiously looked to the ominous cloud to the northwest.

      YAM caught up with us before we headed for the summit and joined the group for the last push. The wind was blowing at a good and steady speed out of the Northwest. GO and I rigged the two poles and hoisted two flags. My flag was sent up the taller pole (the extension pole going up fifteen feet). The other flag was GO’s which was amazing. It appeared as a normal U.S. flag, but in the red stripes were names of victims from 9-11. We tied down the poles as Gary began playing the “Stars and Stripes Forever” on his clarinet. He played for most of the two hours we were at the summit, sometimes just for our group and sometimes for newcomers passing through. That made it much more special.

      The two hours was a great time to relax, reflect, enjoy life, and remember the good things we have. Most of all, it was our way of honoring the victims, the firefighters/policemen, the families and friends of victims, the armed forces, etc.

      Upon the first drops of rain, we lowered the flags, broke down the poles, and headed back for the hut. The heavy rains hit hardest as we left the hut and proceeded down Monroe. Still, we got down to the cars before the lightning came through (and my lightning rod would be tested).

      It was great to meet everyone and enjoy their stories and company. I was honored to be involved with such a great group on Monroe.…Uy=-yzn1sq&Ux=0

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        Thanks LenDawg, great trip report! Your link seems to be broken, so the pics are not viewable. Also, would you be willing to post them in the gallery?


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