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      For the fifth year in a row I lead the crew flying the flag over Middle Tripyramid for Flags on the 48. For the first time, I was the entire crew. I wasn’t worried about getting the gear up the mountain, but I was a bit concerned about getting the flag set up solo.

      I had been thinking about going up the North Slide, which is the only trail on the Tripyramids I hadn’t been on yet, but when I got to the Livermore Trailhead the ground was wet and there were puddles on the ground, so I decided not to try it on wet ground solo with extra gear.

      After talking a bit to a guy from the North Tripyramid crew, who was waiting for the rest of the crew, I hiked up. I went up Scaur Ridge Trail, although I missed the turn off from Livermore Trail at first and added an extra mile to my hike.

      There were a few clouds at first, but they cleared up soon, and I spent the day in the clear. From what I hear, that was unusual this year. I could see that Passaconaway and Whiteface were also in the clear but that Tecumseh and the Osceolas weren’t. I didn’t see any other flags this year, though.

      When I got to the summit of Middle Tripyramid I enlisted the help of a couple of other hikers there are got the flag up without any problem. It was up by 11:00. A lot of people came by, and were appreciative as always. There was a large group of students from the University of New Hampshire who were there when the N.H. National Guard helicopter made a couple of close passes past the peak.

      I got a lot of reading done while hanging out on one of my favorite peaks.

      At 2:00 I again enlisted the help of a hiker who happened to be there, took down the flag, and descended by the South Slide. I then set up camp at Osceola Vista Campground. Then I went to Mad River’s for an after party.

      Thanks to the organizers for organizing this event, to Mad River and Susan for hosting us afterwards, and to the guys I met on the summit who lent me a hand getting the flag up and down. I’m sorry I don’t remember their names, although I think the guy who held the flag in the morning was named Steve.

      Here are the pictures.


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