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      As you all know the weather was all over the place for Saturday. But unless I saw anything that suggested this was a no-go, we were going. From what I’ve heard we had what most had, socked in and windy as hell.

      We started off on the South Imp T4r. close to 8 under what looked like clearing skies.
      My crew, Matt & Mark.

      We made great time. but over the coarse of the hike it was getting more socked in very windy. I had pretty much predetermined that I’d be setting up the big rig on the open ledge area between Lethe and M. Carter and brought a smaller flag for the summit as I did for N. Twin. This proved to be a brilliant idea as the confined space on M. Carter would have made it nearly impossible to set up the big pole there. AS it was, it was a comedy show doing it where we did. Wish I had the setting up, both times, (will get to that) on film. Had the big rig up at 11:30

      First it was getting the big up in the col.

      Then the M. Carter Summit Flag

      Matt first joined me on the trip up to the summit as he still needed M. Carter for his NH48. We set that flag up and I headed back to the col to relieve Mark who stayed with the other flags. Almost there I took this photo.

      Between the previous photo and getting there, this happened.

      While Mark went off to bag M. Carter himself while Matt waited for, I untangled the mess. I had it all straightened out and back together. I had an extra coupling due to the fact that I had to remove 1, 4′ section of PVC because getting 20′ up just wasn’t happening. When they both got back I put the question to them, “Do we try one more time or be happy with the flag on the summit?”. They both replied, “Lets give it another go”. What spirit. So we did and it flew until 1:30. Which is when I decided we should get that one down allowing me to head up to the summit by 2pm to take that one down.
      After the coupling explosion.

      No views to speek of and saw no other flags. But in the spirit of the day, we did the best we could. Which was pretty darned good.

      I hope all the summit crews had a good day.

      Big thanks to Matt and Mark for helping me make this work.


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