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      To the couple folks that signed up for Madison with our group (Hike-NH): welcome! I will confirm later, but right now it looks like we will take the Howker Ridge Trail to the summit, and descend via the Daniel Webster-Scout Trail, which means a short car spot. Regardless of the final route, we aim to be at the summit by 11:30 so we have ample time to raise the flag by noon. At 2PM, we will lower the flag, pick up everything we brought, and hike out.

      We have a full modular aluminum pole setup (capable of up to 30′ height) and 5’x8′ flag that have both been used together for the last 3 years of this memorial. In the event of good weather, there may be some tailgating afterwards, but the primary goal is to make sure we fly the flag to honor this day.

      Here’s hoping for good flag-flying weather: moderate (not low!) winds, and sunny skies :flag:

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        Thank you Matt, looking forward to meeting everyone and taking part in this hike. This will be my 3rd FOT48 hike. Thank you for organizing. – Lisa

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          Lisa (and Jeff if you are seeing this please let your plans be known), the plan is set, barring weather changing the route. We will meet around 6:30 at the trailhead parking for the Daniel Webster-Scout Trail (inside Dolly Copp Campground). We will leave a few cars and head over to the Randolph East parking area at 6:45, so we are heading up the Howker Ridge Trail by 7am. 4.4mi and 4450ft of occasionally rugged climbing will get us to the summit. Book time is 4.5hr, hence the 7am start so we are hopefully at the summit by 11:30 to set up in time for noon.

          At 2pm we will pack up and head out via the Daniel Webster-Scout Trail, which descends 4.0 miles. We will likely exit somewhere around 5pm, and retrieve the cars. A brief tailgating session may occur, details later.

          As said before, we have a solid flagpole and flag setup that has seen a variety of conditions in recent years. We hope to see everyone bright and early in just over 2 weeks!

          I will also send this information out via email in a few minutes.

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            Needless to say if anyone’s looked at the forecast, the original plan is off. If you haven’t read the forecast, it is calling for a fair bit of rain/thunderstorms late Saturday night and lingering into the early morning Sunday. It looks right now like the bulk of that will be over by 8AM. The wind, however, is forecast to be in the 50-60mph rain sustained, with gusts in the 80s and even low 90s at 5000ft.

            If we were heading to a peak below treeline, this would still be manageable as the trees will block a large majority of said wind. But Madison is very exposed. At this point we will head up Valley Way which is sheltered the whole way and re-evaluate at the Madison Hut (which is still open). We need to stay safe, and it is nearly impossible to walk in such winds. I’ll send an email with a few more details shortly.

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              Smart decision, I have Monroe and wondering the same…

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