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      Wow, another year has gone by and from early reports, It looks like FOT48 2006 was a great success. The weather could have been a little better but the spirit of the hikers involved trumped any amount of rain. I’m humbled by the fact that a great many people take part in this and this showed clearly in the volume of signups on opening day. I do understand that there are things that we need to do to correct the signup process and make it as fair as we can for everyone. I, personally feel that the goal of this event should be participation. Trying to get the most people to participate and remember those lost on 9/11 is something we should strive for. Media credits are nice but they really mean nothing. Remembering how you felt on that fateful day is something that we will all carry with us. Choosing to remember those that lost their lives is one of the most noble things that we can do. No one asks us to do this, no one challenges us to do this. We do it because we understand and hope that we can share that undeerstanding with others. It’s the best we can do.

      A couple thank you’s

      Thanks to the hikers who participated. Those hikers who selected peaks with not-so-great views are the true saints of this event. You know who you are and you are a special breed.

      Thanks to the folks who agreed to take peaks with some last minute cancellations.

      Thanks to the folks that host other sites that allow us to spread the word on Flags.

      Thanks to all the members of the steering committe for your time, input, and efforts.

      A FIVE STAR THANK YOU to Chris. He’s put quite a bit of time and effort into the Flags site and continues to make improvements without losing focus that this is a memorial event. This event would not have gotten off the ground this year without his efforts.

      until next year….. :flag:

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        Great post!

        Keeping the purpose of the event in mind will keep us on track for years to come. It’s not about the attention from media, about picking off another 4K, or about anything more than a personal and solemn tribute to remember the event that changed all of our lives.

        and cudos to Chris and Jim and MichaelJ, and all the other steering members that do all the work behind the scenes.

        Thank you!

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