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      …owes me a beer. :beer:

      Just kidding folks.

      Is anyone else like me right now…end of long day, internal “weekly” clock all messed up b/c of the Monday holiday, will the Patriots repeat, and literally counting the hours to this week-end?

      I truly believe this will be the best year yet. Can’t wait to meet new/old faces this week-end. And a personal request…lots of photos with the different crews.

      Peace. :flag:

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        These Patriots are a whole new time. I have no expectations whatever.

        I am counting the hours to the weekend and finding I don’t have enough.

        Your wife needs to post Wildcat D to the Trips & Routes Forum.

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          Try being three hours off and thinking about all I have to do on Friday, AFTER work… 21 hour day yesterday, but when I see all the activity here, it keeps me energized. My crew is all set except one “maybe” and we’re all psyched to see everyone.

          We’ll have to wait to see on the Pats, I have no predictions cuz as we found out with number 54, anything can change in a moments notice.

          Oh yeah, and I will have MANY photos, and even plan to take the digital video camera to see if I can add anything to the documentary.

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            Pats, no worries, they will roll tonight!

            I hope the weather is as good as it’s been the last couple days. Pemi Loop was fantastic! It’s nice to see everyone so pumped this year and so many new faces signing up. Should be a great event again.

            I wanna know one thing….Who is bribing Mother Nature and how can I help :flag:

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