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      I was waiting for pepsi to post a TR, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

      I’ll skip the basic trail description, times etc..

      The Lafayette Crew led by pepsi did a tremendous job. In my years of doing this memorial I can honestly say I was very moved by having the three scouts there with their fathers helping to raise the flag. Scouting gets a bad rap to much of the time and the level of dedication presented by the fathers and sons on this day was truly inspiring.

      Meeting runner and wonker was great. Their help in lowering the flag was much appreciated.

      Jennifer bringing the Louisiana State Flag was another awesome display of remembrance. People on the summit would say, “What flag is that?” and when told, I thought it was a great teachable moment and cause for reflection.

      I found the spirit by all on the summit truly inspiring as well. I talked with numerous folks, but just sitting back by myself and listening to comments like, “What a great idea.”, “This is wonderful.”, ‘Thank you” was fantastic.

      Meeting new/old faces I have come to hike with in the hiking community over the years was another bonus of the day. Internet BBS and forums can be a bit impersonal at times, but once you are out there hiking with PEOPLE and not just screen names, people who enjoy the outdoors just as much as you….well…have I use the word inspirational yet?

      The night before at the KOA was great as well. I do hope we can plan to incorporate this in the years to come. I felt as though it was a great way for people to meet, share ideas and just have some fun.

      For those who have not hiked with pepsi yet, you are truly missing one of the class acts out there. His constant positive attitude and energy is boundless. It was an honor to be with him this day and I look forward to many more hikes my friend.


      BTW, when is the planning meeting? Yup, I’m ready!! :flag:

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        Nice report Buddy!
        I must admit, I was just a tiny be jealous not to be at Broken Branch on Saturday night
        but the pay off was meeting some of the delightful FOT48 tribe at Guyot.
        :flag: :flag:
        I think Broken Branch as a yearly pre/middle/post get together is an awesome idea.
        The campground owners and employees have been very receptive to our cause and generous to our people.

        The planning meeting is when???!!
        😀 😀


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