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      Ok folks.

      For those that are interested. I received an email from Darlene at the KOA campground in Woodstock (Broken Branch).

      They would love to have us back. They offer a 10% discount to all who are participating in the Flags event as well. Just present the mission statement or something with the “Flags on the 48” on it. (Patch?)

      I will be up there Friday night as well, so for Saturday, just look a bunch of folks practicing rigging flag poles with a wide variety of contraptions.

      It is pay when you get there, so no need for reservations. It is a pretty cool place and I have provided a link below.


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        Awesome – thanks, Jay!

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          Thanks Jay. That sound great!!

          I’ll be fixing my flag pole too. The other day my neigbor had an emergency and I had to use a section of it 🙂

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            Nice work Jay man!
            Good stuff to know.
            I will see you, Terry and all the other groovy people staying there on Friday night.
            I should be rolling in about 7ish.
            :flag: :flag: :flag:

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              Thanks for coming through Jaytrek, I wish I could be there as I really liked that campground, but I made my reservations a year ahead of time at the place where I am staying. I’ll be bringing my grill there Saturday night for anyone to use. If the forecast is for rain they have a rather large canopy area near where we were staying for the planning meeting. I’ll bring a Billy Joel Cd for MichaelJ too.

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                Just to be clear – are we feeding people or just providing the grills and it’s BYOfood?

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                  It’s byo drink, food, firewood, and your grills. Unless there are generous souls out there!

                  Sky, Ghostdog & I won’t be able to make it Saturday night at the KOA. But I’ll be there for an impromptu gathering at the Mooseland Sunday evening. Looking forward to seeing many of you then!

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                    What? Who’ll tend the fire???

                    We’ll miss you, Magic!

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                      Hey there gentle readers,

                      Great 4 days on this end in the 35 mile range, 3 days on the AT in Maine! Ahh, life is so good I waste it hiking every day! I wish there was a way to splint a day in 3! So many events to choose from this weekend. My FOT48 hiking buddies at the KOA. My hiking group at Unknown Pond just before the Horn and Mt Cabot. Or being with my lady sharing quality time. Yes, my choice is all 3, yet it will be with Sky and looking forward to it anxiously!

                      Hope to see you at the Mooseland Grill Sunday evening after 6:30. Life is good!

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                        Incidentally, Periwinkle called the KOA today to arrange a cabin (her husband had surgery and can’t sleep on the ground) and the person she talked to had no idea we were coming. I told Peri that Jay had spoken to Darlene and that we should be expected. She has to call back tomorrow and will make sure all is set and that it was just a false alarm.

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                          Hopefully a simple mix-up and everything will be perfect, starting tomorrow. MJ, I read your name with your fine hiking group in the cannister log journal on Redington today. You too, Alpinista et al. A very serious cell tower+ on this summit is being constructed & will be in working order eventually.

                          See you soon my friends!

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                            Actually, it’s a weather tower owned by the company trying to put a wind farm up there. At least, the former tower that fell was. See this thread on VFTT, as well as in particular the second-page post from “WindFarmer”.

                            Always a kick to have my name seen in a register – I hope you enjoyed Maine!!!

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                              I’m planning on staying at the KOA Saturday night.

                              Sunday is now appearing on my WeatherFox.

                              Mostly Sunny, 73 Deg
                              Wind SW, 10mph

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                                I’m likely staying on Cherry Mtn Rd. It’s either free sites or gas, so pretty much a no brainer for me. I hope to stop at the Mooseland, but I may have to hot foot it back home due to family commitments.

                                Have fun!

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                                  Hey, possibility I might stay at KOA for Saturday night. Any one know how far it is to the Ethan Pond Tr., or just the Highland Center? Also, so you can just show up and get a site? Thanks for the info.

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