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    What a wonderful experience. First thanks, to Matt the peak coordinator for carrying the pole pieces up. The only disapointment was not being able to see the other peaks due to the fog, but that did not dampen the spirits of those who climbed. Thanks also to Paul Bilodeau from the Lawrence Eagle Tribune for documenting our trip. Check out this link:

    He did an audio slide show of our group

    There were many others there for this and we want to thank you all for the company and support. Sorry we did not get all your names.

    I look forward to next year and a new peak. And to the clueless woman who told me to turn off the musical tribute we played because it “ruined her peace and quite” please rent a clue for next year.

    God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood
    Wish You Were Here, (Tommy’s Song) Pink Floyd
    I Will Remember You, Sarah McLachlan
    Hero’s Song, Brandan James
    Into the Fire, Bruce Springsteen

    Thanks to the origanal six for starting this, We will NEVER FORGET.

    The Windham Fire Hiking Team
    Scott D 2007 Eisenhower, 2009 Jefferson
    Bill M 2007 Eisenhower, 2009 Jefferson
    Jay M 2009 Jefferson
    Pat R 2009 Jefferson
    Gayle R 2009 Jefferson
    Norman (Chucky) P 2007 Eisenhower, 2009 Jefferson
    Steve P 2007 Eisenhower, 2009 Jefferson
    Paul B (Honorary Member)[/url]

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