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      Team USAF is honored to host this peak this year in remembrance of those that perished on 9/11. Our flag started out in the 42 Aerial Port Squadron at Westover Air Force Base. The 42d Aerial Port Squadron has deployed to every location in CENTCOM where there’s a need for Aerial Porters (aka Port Dawgs). It has been flown into combat and has been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan to name a few. It has also been flown for this event on top of Zealand, Carrigain, and Moosiluake and hope to continue the tradition. This flag has also been used in many ceremonies within the 42 Aerial Port Squadron such as Retirements, and other special occasions.

      Our flag pole is 20′ and made of 2″ PVC pipe cut into 2.5′ segments. Each segment has a male/female PVC couplers that are used to assemble the pole in seconds. The Ropes to hold the flag are pre-measured and pre-staged using hose clamps to the bottom of the 2nd segment. The flag is also attached to the top segment via a ziptie that is pre-assembled on top of the flag using a hose clamp. It also attaches to the 2nd segment where the rope is attached using the same method (ziptie). Each of our members carries one segment attached to the back of their pack and will take turns carrying the flag up the mountain and again down the mountain. The flag is erected from scratch in approximately 5-10 minutes and anchored using stakes attached to the ropes into the ground (or tied depending on peak).

      We will begin our hike at the Caps Ridge Trailhead in time to reach the summit and fly the flag by noon.


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