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      Isolation 2013 will be via Glen Boulder Trail. This is 12 miles and 5000 feet with a book time of 8:30. Please be ready to depart promptly at 07:00. I plan to visit North Isolation on the way out, but that should be only a trivial detour.

      Rough schedule:
      07:00 Depart
      11:30 Arrive at Isolation
      12:00 Flag is up
      14:00 Flag is down
      18:30 Return

      In case you do not know where this is, it is here, a short distance north of Rocky Branch and south of Wildcat Ski Area, also known as “Glen Ellis Falls Scenic Area”.,-71.566139&sspn=4.638553,9.656982&t=h&z=16

      I have everything I need to put up the flag, but would appreciate help carrying the flag pole.


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        Isolation is now full. If you registered and cannot come, please unregister yourself. If you are not registered, you are free to hike, and free to join us on the summit, but we ask that you keep a .25 mile separation to respect Wilderness (and FOT48) rules.

        Dogs are welcome.


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