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      Once again while it’s still somewhat fresh in your minds, I’d like to get everyone’s ideas about what we did right and not so right this year. Please check on this posting in the 2008 Planning Meeting folder for how we can improve and what you liked. We’ll take both compliments and complaints!

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        One thing we need to work on is getting members of an assigned peak to communicate with each other. Maybe the confirmation page that is e-mailed once you sign up could be tweaked to provide links to other hikers on your peak, your trip route posting for your peak and your gallery album for posting photos. Having all those links on one e-mail might save us a lot of time with answering e-mails.

        By the way, Next year’s Flags on the 48 is on Saturday September 13th 2008. I wonder where Jimmy Buffett is playing that day?

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          @SilentCal wrote:

          I wonder where Jimmy Buffett is playing that day?

          Hasn’t he retired from touring? In the same manner that Roger Clemens retired from baseball, I guess…

          It was quite a bummer this year as my bro-in-law had tix to give away, but I was up north when we found out. Darn.

          Maybe we can get him to play atop Franconia Ridge.

          The weather is here, wish you were beautiful,

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            Don’t get me started…. 👿

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              You guys (used generically) did a great job, thank you! I realize this is a “spare” job, but perhaps some upfront promotion to make sure we get the peaks filled. Maybe you already did this but perhaps flyers at outfitters, bookstores etc. Of course, that would mean money, so you would need to ask for donations.

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                Why not have “Backup Peak 1..5” available on the sign-up list. That way, you can sign up as a backup in case of someone else leaving a vacancy.

                Is there a hint of waning interest this year? I only have last year to compare to, but I seem to recall that last year the peaks sold out like tickets at a Jimmy Buffett concert. This year, a few took a while to give away.


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                  I think interest was up in ’06 because it was the fifth anniversary. Organizers may have a better read than I do, but I don’t think ’07 was down from ’05. Each year there have been late cancellations that need filling.

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