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    1. Register and/or Login to the forums if you haven’t already done so
    2. Go to the Gallery and click on the Album: 2009 Flags on the 48.
    3. Select the album corresponding to your peak. (It may be on a different page than the first.)
    4. Select Add photos from the << admin options >> pull-down menu to upload images to your album (you will need to allow popups for this). From the “Add Photos” window, be sure to select either Form (if uploading from your local computer) or URL (if uploading images from another Web site). You can try the Gallery Remote Applet option but it sometimes fails when the Gallery software is embedded in the forum software.
    5. Once the images are uploaded, you can change the captions by selecting “Edit Caption” from the drop-down list beneath each image. Selecting “Set as Highlight” will cause the respective image to be the one that highlights your nested album in the 2009 gallery.

    If you need any other help, or if you experience any problems, please post here or PM me.

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    Chris, just a heads up, there is no Mt. Isolation gallery for 2009

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    I have Isolation pics…can you put up the gallery slot for them????

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    Why are there photos of North Tripyramid, Lincoln and Garfield on separate pages and not in the Gallery under the peak name? Seems confusing. Can they be moved to their proper place?


    New Hampshire
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    Hey everyone,

    I have to beg for everyone’s patience right now. Chris has had a personal issue that understandably has taken his focus off of running the website right now. I promise things will eventually get straightened out, but we will need some time.

    Thank you,


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    I can’t seem to find the “Set Highlight” option for changing the gallery’s main image.

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    Should be all set now, there was a permissions issue. Under each photo there should be a drop down where “set as Highlight” is an option, but to see it you must be logged in.

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    Super! Thanks!

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