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      As I was going through the forums reading some of the trips reports and saw a lot of new names on the peaks list and wondered how many total hikers does everyone think are involved this year? This is only my fourth year, but I have seen at least a dozen or so new people so far this year, which is great. I would have to guess that there are around 300 at least! What does everyone think? :flag: :flag:

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        We’ve been growing year by year. That I am quite sure of. There are a lot of names that I see that have signed up for peaks for many years now. These people keep coming back year after year and I thank them for that. Word of mouth and general information about the event has really spread around as we had hoped and I would not be surprised to see 350 hikers this year. Keep in mind, many folks do not sign up but know the flags will be there and make it a point to stop by and say thanks.

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          I’m in for an educated guess on this one…

          … I guess 297 hikers!!


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            We did not want to fill up the quota of 10 so as to encourage more to come along. So Dirt has a crew of maybe 7 or 8 in addition to those who have officially signed up for the peak. Last year I believe we had a crew of 14 or so at Flume. Kewl!! 8)
            -TrekMan :beer:

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              Just saw this one again and I love how optimistic you guys are! We’re really around 250 for participation, based on the groups that are signing up plus all the individuals. I’d really like to see us hit 350, I think that would be a real milestone for us. This is just incentive to get more people involved next year!

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