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      We posted alerts on many websites and had numerous articles written in the newspapers. I was wondering, how did you learn about the Flags on the 48 event.

      For me, I’ve been with the event since it’s first year in 2002. I learned about the Mt. Liberty 2001 hike on the AMC boards and got involved with the groundwork for making the event a yearly hike. We have come a very long way. In 2002, signups were open all summer and we only covered 38 peaks. Fast forward to 2010 and we get 38 peaks covered in just one hour of signups. :flag:

      New Hampshire
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        From you. :flag:


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          From Hike-NH

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            I knew 2 of the original group that put the flag on Liberty in 2001, Frodo and Gail. The WWW enabled word to spread fairly quickly for the first year. I met Silent Cal and Grace on a hike a week or so before 2002 flags hike- I think it was near Mt Field, we talked about the memorial hike upcoming!
            Thank goodness for the hiking community and all the folks that work hard to keep it together. I look forward to it every year.

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              Dirt (my son) was hiking up Jefferson in 2003 and just happened to run into Frodo and his posse, perfect timing so to speak. We talked about it and then as it happened Wildcat D came up about 3 weeks before the 2004 hike. I asked if he thought we could put it together and we did! Ever since!

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                ‘Had heard of the effort in its first full-48-peak year, but had forgotten about it.

                By chance, I packed a clarinet and headed up to Mt. Monroe one Saturday with Susan when I noticed a gentleman ahead of us who clearly had what could only be a pole. I knew right away we had stumbled into a tradition that would outlast our legs.

                We’ve been atop Monroe annually ever since, playing music with all comers and enjoying the company of fine friends who frequent this special hilltop.

                We invite musicians and vocalists to join us atop Mt. Monroe this year for song and remembrance on this, our ninth year atop one of the East’s finest.

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                  I met SilentCal on Adams a few years back.

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                    I learned of the event after joining the Rocks on Top forum in 2007. I think I somehow overlooked it that year but really wanted to participate in 2008. Unfortunately other family commitments stood in the way. Last year I finally got involved and joined the crew on West Bond. My dog Baxter and I hiked out to the Guyot Shelter the day before and met up with them and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to Lafayette this year.

                    This rememberance hits close to home for me. We lost a good friend, John Wenkus who was aboard AA Flight 11 that day. He grew up next door to my wife in Waltham, Mass. His sister is one of our best friends. He was returnig to his home in California from an annual trip back east to celebrate his dad’s bitrhday and golf with family and friends. Given my love for hiking, I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to those who lost so much that day. Special thanks to those who organize this event each year. I hope to be able to paticipate for many years to come.

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                      I was driving home from work a couple of weeks ago and was talking with another ham radio operator and he mentioned it. He said it was in the AMC magazine so I looked it up.

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                        In 2006 we were hiking the Kinsmans and we ran into Dirtgirl and Ken bringing the flag to South Kinsman. We thought it was wonderful memorial service so we decided to partake in the event in 2007.
                        We always feel privileged to be able to participate in this event.
                        Boo & Madhatter

                        2006 – S. Kinsman (visitor)
                        2007 – Mt. Passaconaway
                        2008 – Wildcat D
                        2009 – Mt. Field
                        2010 – Middle Carter

                        Mark R.
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                          A gentleman was speaking about it on the summit of Mt. Liberty a month or two ago. I had plans but passed it on to the Scout troop I help with. Two weeks ago my plans fell through and I jumped at the chance. My son and I Are both excited and honored to join in and take part in something special like this. See you up there.

                          Mark R.

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                   and did Eisenhower this year with the group. It was a humbling experience and will be there next year.

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                              I believe it was the Hike-NH forum, if it wasn’t, it was one of the guys from work was talking about it. I work at TURBOCAM and I guess he knows the guys go got this started…or something like that.

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