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      I was just noticing the picture of the flag and pole from South Hancock. How tall did people make thier poles? The one on South Hancock must have been huge to make it above the trees! I made mine 12′, I noticed quite a few others were large as well. Anyway, just trying to spark up conversation.

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        We had too five foot sections of aluminum antenna, so the pole length was about ten feet. We jammed it down about 18 inches between the rocks at the summit so it was proabably a little over 8′ when raised. With the 3’x5′ flag, it was a rather small display, but we did ascend via Madison Gulf Trail which added a little bit of a challenge to raise it on Madison’s summit.

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          How big was my pole?! (I thought length didn’t……….. forget it)

          It was a 15′ collapsable snow rake, buuuuut we had someone climb the tallest tree on the summit and tie the snowrake to the highest point possible on the tree. It was quite an adventure for the tree climber (esp. trying to make it safely back down through all the branches)

          I think on one of the pictures in the gallery, you can actually see his shadow on the left as the flag is being secured.

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            I knew we’d have to get the flag above the trees that surround the summit of Carter Dome, so Max brought 10′ of aluminum pole, and I had about the same in interconnected PVC. We got that flag 20′ up.

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              A few weeks ago, I saw some telescoping flag poles at the annual fair we have in MA called the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA. They looked decent and were ok priced, but they were light! I liked the whole “project” aspect of making mine myself anyway.

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