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      I am off to NH. I’ll see some of you at the Broken Branch KOA late this afternoon, some of you on the peaks, and maybe I’ll be at the Mooseland.

      Check out the weather – phenomenal!!!!

      Too bad I slammed my knee into the corner of the desk while packing last night and it hurrrrrrts. Okay, I’ll be a little slower than normal. 😀

      Good luck, everyone!

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        Good Luck and be safe everyone.

        :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:

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          We’re off to camp in the Kilkenny tonight. Great sunny weather these next 2 days, nights in the lower 30’s. We should arrive at the Mooseland about 6:30.

          Looking forward to meeting team Cabot 7:30 – 7:45 at the trailhead.

          A flag on every summit. Good luck to all!!!

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            Good Luck everyone, and stay safe!

            After 20 years I have located the flag that was on my Fathers casket. We’ll be flying that one on Pierce tomorrow! :flag: :flag:

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              Good luck all. I won’t be in the Whites this weekend, but my thoughts will be with all of you! :flag:

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                I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! I had to leave for work for 1:30 am Monday 😮 :blink: :angry: 👿 so there was no way I could pull off a day trip to the whites.

                I hope everyone had a great time during the event!

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