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  • Shawn D
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      I hope all the good folks I met at the CN Hut Friday had a good climb and memorial on the Carter Dome. I unfortunately had to head out Saturday, and could not make the flags 9/11 memorial 🙁 .
      Wobble knees, and an angry stomach took over in the AM.
      I met quite a few heading up while I was heading out on 19 mile brook trail. No regrets, had a good hike and nice stay at the Carter Notch hut, and hopefully I will be back next year and complete the task.
      See you on the trail!
      Shawn D.

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        Hello Shawn,
        I am glad to see that you are staying at the hut on Friday. This is my first year participating and I chose Carter Dome. Then told my best hiking buddies and they signed up as well…then booked a stay at the hut! I want to do this as well but feel guilty about not being available to help carry up the all the “stuff”. It encourages me to know that you are also staying at the hut. I want to get in touch with the Cannon group leader…but haven’t figured that out yet.

        Shawn D
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          Johanna, you will enjoy this. The Carter Notch Hut is my favorite. I will see you there. The peak coordinator for Cannon is Darwin, I believe, and if you hit the member key to the left, I think he is listed Alphabetically under “Darwin” You can usually get a personal message or e-mail off to him by tapping his screename there. I will see you on the 11th at the Hut! Oh, don’t feel bad about carrying “stuff” on my previous FOT48s, the flags and poles all seem to get up there without issue. :flag:

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