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      Well, I fianlly made it to vacation. I won’t be seen until the event proper.

      I want to wish everyone a safe hike and for Mother Nature to come through for us again. A nice sunny day, Summit Temps 60 F and a nice breeze. She’ll keep her end of the bargain.

      Lots of people made this happen. Behind the scenes, some awesome volunteers keep this event going. Everyone knows who they are so I won’t name names. But we’ve done all we can do. We pass the torch now to the hikers of this event. This event would NEVER be what it is without every single person who has commited to it. I salute every last one of these hikers. :flag: Thank you for remembering those that were lost and keep in mind those that are fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today. So enjoy raising Old Glory at the summits and chat with fellow hikers. Enjoy the wonderful comments you will recieve and God Bless you all!

      See you on the Summits for —> :flag: :flag:

      See you at the Mooseland for—> :beer: :beer:

      Happy Trails everyone!

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