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    Weather is looking great!

    As for the few negative posts on the AMC site; People signed up for this for various reasons. We certainly cannot let a miniscule % of of the population, with different views, try and alter our decision to partake in this non-political memorial hike (not that it was their motive). All of us were affected by what happened one year ago, no doubt about that. Many of the people participating in the memorial hike knew people who lost their lives last Sept 11. We are doing something just a “little” special to unite all of us in climbing a few peaks and raising flags on their summits. We are not changing anything, or trying to. We are not pro-war, or pro-whatever. We are just a bunch of passionate caring souls, showing that WE care about what happened last Sept 11th, and that what happened can NEVER be forgotten.

    On Saturday, the concept of one united memorial will actually become 48+ smaller memorials. Each one will be a slightly different experience, some people singing, some people praying, people hugging, crying, reflecting, and all of those experiences will be something that most of us will likely remember for the rest of our lives. There probably will be many people on every peak. Other hikers will stop to reflect, take pictures, pray, ect. Lets make this a special day, in our own small way. I hope that everyone brings a camera, but regardless, never forget why we are doing this.

    Have a safe hike everyone,

    And as Mary reminded me one year ago,

    “On every mountainside, let freedom ring….”

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    Thanks Frodo. I think you summed it up very well. Take heart in knowing you were a major reason this event is even taking place. This will be my last post on the Flags forum before the event as I’m off to the Great Gulf tomorrow. I’ll catch up with everyone Sunday or Monday. I’ll come up with a gameplan for getting pics posted in the gallery and may be looking for input. So…bring your digital cameras (or film cameras as I can scan prints if need be). I’ll leave this forum active for a few weeks after the event for those that would like to share their experiences. Be safe everyone.

    God Bless America!

    Little Bear
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    I am honored to be a part of this memorial event. I see it as one small way to show our respect for those who died, and for the families that are left behind. While I did not know anyone personally who died, I do know people who did. September 11, 2001, has changed our lives forever – some more than others.

    Last year, the full impact of 9-11 didn’t hit me until 2 weeks later on my way to a football game at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. The Academy is located on King’s Point, Long Island, and as we approached the campus we crossed a small bridge in this small community that was covered with flags, flowers, notes, signs, candles, etc. I suddenly realized how hard this particular community had been hit. I could not imagine the losses they experienced. And I cried.

    There was also a small community in southern Connecticut where at a school of only 57 students, 26 lost their fathers that day!

    We must never forget.


    See you on the mountaintops.


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    Very well said Frodo!

    This is a very fine thing y’all have put together, and I think its pretty kewl that I get to be a part of it by hanging out with the flag on one of the 48.

    LiveFreeorDie NH
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    A BIG Thank you to those of you who put time into organizing the event and those that have volunteered. I was planning on taking a peak that was not selected at that last minute, but they are all full! I look forward to seeing you on the hill.

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