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      I wanted to post something encouraging, so I looked back at what I wrote 2 years ago and decided that it still put it all together, so I justed did a little editing… 🙂

      To the people who are doing this for the 1st time, this is likely what you will experience, and to the people who have participated last year and the 2 years before, WE know WHY we keep coming back…

      On Saturday, the concept of one united memorial will actually become 48+ smaller memorials. Each one will be a slightly different experience, some people will be singing, some people praying, some people hugging, crying, reflecting, and all of those experiences will be something that most of us will likely remember for the rest of our lives. There probably will be many people on every peak. Other hikers will stop to reflect, take pictures, pray, etc. Lets make this a special day, in our own small way. I hope that everyone brings a camera, but regardless, never forget why we are doing this.

      Have a safe hike everyone,

      Weather is looking fantastic!

      And as Mary-Margret reminded me 3 years ago,

      “On every mountainside, let freedom ring….”


      See you at the Mooseland! :beer:

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        well said – – hope everyone has a good hike – i know i enjoyed south kinsman last year – – – – – besides those n.h. 48 that are being “flagged” i know a canadian constable is going up maine’s highpoint (mt. katahdin) saturday, i will be climbing n.y.’s (mt. marcy) and i know a group will also be up washington a little earlier than the flags on the 48 crew – – i would have liked it if there was going to be flags on mansfield vermont, greylock mass. and frissell ct. but as of now i haven’t heard of anyone “volunteering” – – – if anyone should hear of a climb of any other state highpoint let me know and if we can get in touch with them we can give them some credit for it on the website (last year when i did mt. marcy on 9/11 there was a 46er there with a small flag, so it is possible that someone will be up other mountains), or if anyone knows of any parties that would be willing to do either (or both)let them know that they could flag them (mansfield, vt. and greylock, ma. both have roads so they dont have to be hikers), let them know and i will make sure they are included with the other state highpoint climbers.

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          Looks like this may be the official “good luck” thread…so……

          Good Luck and Godspeed to all. :flag:

          And as Sgt. Esterhous use to say on Hill Street.

          “Let’s be careful out there.”

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            To Ken mostly,

            I was going to do Bear Mountain in CT (highest PEAK) but have now subscribed to doing Wildcat D with my son. Would the appropriate thing be the peak or the state highpoint (which is on the ridge of Mt Frissell)? 💡

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              “i would have liked it if there was going to be flags on mansfield vermont, greylock mass. and frissell ct.”

              I may be wrong but I believe there is always a flag flying on top of Mt. Greylock in MA since the “lighthouse” up on top is a war memorial. It’s been a number of years since I’ve been up there.

              Best of luck to everyone and I hope you all have wonderful hikes!

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                In two hours I will be heading to the rocky
                branch trail head. Staying overnight at the shelter and summiting Isolation those on Eisenhower Piece Monroe should see our flag as us theres this will also complete my quest of the 4000 footers making it #48
                WHAT BETTER WAY TO Finshish plus I’ve already started in Maine. And speacial thanks to those
                responsibly in starting this we all know who that is. All have a fun and safe hike.
                :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :beer: :beer:

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                  Go team! I’ll be at work today and hitting the highway midafternoon. Already, I have to drive back home first for things I forgot… 😳

                  Can’t wait to see all those flags!

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                    Dirt and I hope to see your large flag on Adams from our perch at Wildcat D. We have a 5′ x 8′ this year with a 20′ pole, may get a bigger flag for next year.

                    G’day mate …… TrekMan


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                      >>Would the appropriate thing be the peak or the state highpoint (which is on the ridge of Mt Frissell)?<<

                      the high pointers of the united states consider
                      >>Connecticut Frissell-S. Slope 2,380<<
                      to be the highest even though the summit of frissell is in mass. – i imagine as far as flying a flag either frissell or bear would count since there is no official list yet.

                      everyone have fun – i am getting out of here in 2 hours to head north

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