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    Thanks for the emails everyone! I still need more pictures to make an FOT48 calendar! They can be from any year. Please send in JPEG form. The picture should be of the flag only (prefer not people in picture) and best if there is a view of some sort in the picture. Of course the “no view” summits all I am looking for is some tree/tree line in the photo. Hoping I can get this out this year for 9/11’s 10nth anniversary year.

    You will be credited for your photo (please only send YOUR photo) and if I use your picture I will send you a free calendar! Pictures can be sent via e-mail to

    Thank You!! Jason _
    PS: I would like to give 10% back to a related charity/organization. Any suggestions? Perhaps give to this site for maintenance costs etc. Let me know what you think!

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    We on the Steering Comittee have said time and again that we don’t want or need any money for this. It just does not seem right to take money in any shape or form for this….we don’t want to benifit from the tragedy at all or even appear to be financially benifiting from it. So thank you for the offer, but we would have to decline. Maintinance costs are minor for the site, so the money is not really needed. 8)


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    Brian is correct. Please don’t solicite people on this site to buy one of your calendars, and people reading this, please don’t buy one.

    This is a grass roots memorial hike with nothing to ever be sold regarding it, so please Jason just find another business opp…


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