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      This question was brought up in another thread, “should the flags be flown at half mast on the 11th?” There is something we could do when the event falls on the 11th or just do it every year.

      Some flags, like the ones commonly seen in school classrooms or on houses, are fixed in a certain position on their poles. How does one handle the sticky situation of a flag that physically can’t be flown at half-staff? The United States Code doesn’t cover this conundrum, but the American Legion advocates adding a black ribbon to the top of the flag’s pole to indicate mourning.

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        I can say that the subject is already being discussed in the Steering Committee. We have not come to a final solution to this yet.

        Any opinions that anyone has on this would be really helpful. When the Flags event was founded, we never foresaw this question being asked.

        We don’t ask much for feedback from the members, but this one is something that we’d really like to discuss.

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          Flying a Flag at half mast could be difficult on higher more exposed peaks.

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            Adding a black ribbon to the top of the pole would be simple and it sounds like it’s acceptable.

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              I do not think I could add another 30 feet to the flagpole rig and restrain myself from using it.

              New Hampshire
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                @McRat wrote:

                I do not think I could add another 30 feet to the flagpole rig and restrain myself from using it.

                Had anyone else but Russ made this comment I would have taken it as a joke. But knowing Russ then I am sure he is dead serious. 😆 :flag:


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                  I personally like the black ribbon idea.

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                    We should consider the task at hand. We have 48 summits with groups of hikers carrying various equipment to hoist a flag. Some of the flag poles / summits are quite as accomodating as others. Add weather which is always unpredicatable. I personally wouldn’t judge anyone who was at full or half mast. I am glad they did their best to get the flag to the summit, and would appreciate the spirit of the accomplishment.

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                      There is a similar conversation string at the 2010 Publicity & Media Watch for Wildcat and the black ribbon was also suggested. I believe that the black ribbon is a great solution.

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                        I plan on adding the black ribbon to symbolize half staff as it is falling on the date. It’s a pretty simple thing to do really. A black ribbon as wide as one of the stripes and as long as the flag. Any local craft, or fabric store should have it.

                        Have a great day of remembrance tomorrow. :flag:

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