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      Most of the Flume crew started out from Lincoln Woods at 7:15 and made it to a dry summit at 11:15. Our flag was flying proudly at 11:30. The steady wind helped keep our flag straight out the whole time. As 1pm was approaching Focaccia noticed a small rain shower descending from the Kinsmans and headed right for us and Liberty. We all scrambled to get our rain gear on just in time for the rain to start. A small passing shower was okay. Then we all heard the thunder. The one thing I didn’t want to hear was thunder. We heard two more rumbles over the Kinsmans and I noticed the whole range slowly disappear in a steady rain moving our way. Liberty had their flag down quick and I decided it was time to dismantle our 20 foot metal lightning rod/flag pole and hurry off the summit. We all got down without many bruises. Overall it was a successful memorial hike this year. Thanks to everyone on the team this year including Double Bow, Shamie, Puck, and Gorpburp.


      We could spot flags on Liberty, Cannon, Lincoln, Lafayette, Garfield, Owl’s Head, South Twin, Bond, and Bondcliff. The other peaks visible were either obscured by clouds or simply too far away.

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        A good time was had by all!!

        :flag: 😆 :flag:


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          And thanks to first year hikers Wounded-Knee, Andy, Mike, Focaccia, Billie, Gu-Man, and South African Elephant. (Hey, I didn’t name them…)

          I know everyone had a great hike and I hope to see everyone again next year.

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