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      A rookie ‘Flags on the 48’ team set to hoist a 5×10 flag atop a 24 foot pole on the top of Mt. Flume. Being a first time event for all involved a few logistical issues relating to breakfast and distribution of the 52 lbs. of gear led to a later than intended start. A few miles in we realized we needed to redistribute gear and break up into 2 groups to account for differing speeds of hiking. This was done to make sure everyone had a great time and more importantly stayed safe on the trail. The later start along with the peak coordinator not being in tip top physical shape caused the primary team to summit Mt. Flume at 12:15. Immediately after summiting the mountain Team Flume quickly jumped into action and quickly assembled the pole and raised it with a proper playing of the National Anthem at 12:30. Immediately after the flag was raised there was a very nice ovation from other hikers already at the summit. Team Flume then immediately celebrated by everyone cracking a celebratory beer (Of the root variety for those not of age.) From that point we broke out the binoculars to see the flags on Mt. Liberty and Mt. Lafayette. We also had the great pleasure to witness two separate hikers finish hiking their 48 4000 footers. We waited for the second group of Team Flume to summit and after their arrival we lowered the Flag with Taps playing at 2:30. This was a very memorable and moving event for Team Flume. We are looking forward to next year’s event. Special thanks to the ‘Flags on the 48’ Steering committee for organizing this event that memorializes this devastating act of terrorism.

      Team Flume
      Jeff G.
      Trey G.
      Tom W.
      Emily W.
      Mark F.
      Kyle F.
      Alan O.
      Matt F.
      Emma F.
      Hannah F.

      None of us will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world. – George W. Bush

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