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      The whole family went this year – not to raise a flag, but to spot the flags (my girls aren’t quite ready for a 4000 footer just yet :flag: ) What an excellent day for the event this year!

      We took the tramway up to Cannon at about 11:45. I could actually make out the flag on Lafayette on the way up with the naked eye – and I pointed this out to the passengers during the “tramway tour” talk. Using binoculars from the peak of Cannon, I could make out the flags on Liberty and eventually on Lincoln (think this one was raised late, and it was a little tough to make out since it wasn’t raised too high). I also spotted a big flag on either North or South Kinsman – this one was catching some wind and looked spectacular. And of course I spotted the flag on Cannon, but I couldn’t find the crew that hiked up the flag.

      Near sunset, I ran into to Owl’s Head crew crossing the suspension bridge at Lincoln Woods. I took a group photo with their camera, and it was a big group. Anyone who takes on Owl’s Head for this event deserves alot of credit – remote peak, limited views, and a long way out.

      I took some photos, but even with max zoom, the flags appear as a pixel or two. Haven’t checked the pics on my other camera yet which had a better zoom, but I’ll post them if they come out any better. I had hoped to use my ETX scope, but I couldn’t get a camera adapter in time. The view from the binoculars was incredible. I could make out the people on Lafayette and Lincoln and it looked fairly crowded up there.

      All in all, a great day. Although I didn’t hike up a flag this year, I still felt connected to the event. Looking forward to all of your pics… :flag:

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