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      Just introducing myself…Dave Bettencourt, filmmaker out of Providence, Rhode Island and avid backpacker. I’m hoping to document this amazing event, interviewing volunteers leading up to 9/11 and then following a group to the top, all on film and video.

      Here’s what I’m looking for: your thoughts on this idea, any questions, whether or not you would be interested in being interviewed on camera, or maybe just helping out.


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        Thanks for stopping Dave!

        Folks, I’ve been chatting with Dave a bit, with input from the steering team. This is a good chance for everyone to share your thoughts/interest/questions on such a project.


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          Welcome aboard.

          I hoping to have people over my place about a month out (Aug 11) if logistically that helps.

          I am sure others feel the same as I do but, Frodo, SilentCal, Stephen should be at the top of “I must see” list. WOW, you guys sound important, remind me to bust your chops over a beer. 😉

          Also, talking to the BSA troop that was involved last year and again this may be valuable.

          Again, welcome aboard, and I hope you will join a group for the actual hike itself, no matter what group, that alone will give you, what we all, experience through this important event.


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            August 14th would work for me. I’d like to meet as many of you as possible!

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              Welcome Dave,

              Barring something unforseen, I should be at Jaytrek’s little gathering. We previously had a large planning meeting several weekends ago in the Whites. The minutes of that meeting are posted on the site and the meeting was quite productive. Jaytrek’s gathering, I believe will be a fine-tuning type of meeting, to just iron out some small details, go over peak assignments,and on-call status for some folks.

              Jaytrek mentioned Frodo, Stephen and myself as “must see people”. Thanks for the compliment but this is not true! Every flag-bearer has a different story for taking part. I understand it would be hard to get EVERYONES take on this event but concentrating on us is okay for the event’s history and background but certainly not the event’s soul. There are lots of interesting stories out there and some truly heartful ones that some folks may just not want to share for a film. I would hope that that is respected.

              Should you choose to hike with a group, I would suggest a peak with close-by views of other peaks. If the weather is nice, Picking out flags on other summits is easy. A peak in the Franconia Range or Presidentials might be the way to go. I believe the Boy Scout troops will at Osceola Vista Campground this year. They have not gotten back to me yet with a confirmation.

              That’s all for now. Time to cut the grass…..

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                I’m very excited that someone has seen the amazing nature of this event, it’s what drew a lot of us to do it in the first place. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t affected in one way or another by 9/11, but many people just send a check somewhere. This group is exceptional because of the dedication and willingness to continue to show how patriotic and giving we can be, even years after the tragedy. Take a poll of people around the country and see what folks have done recently to remember…

                This group of hikers, outdoors-persons (I’m soooo P.C.!) and webmasters have really shown an amazing cooperation that I for one am proud to be a part of. I look forward to seeing what you put down on film, and offer any help I can provide.

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                  Hello David,

                  It is awesome that you have interest in this event, but I have a few questions:

                  If you do make a film about this event, what do you plan to do with it? Is it for a class project? Film festival?

                  I think that it is a great idea, but we walk a fine line between patriotism and commercialism, and we certainly don’t ever want to cross that boudary…

                  If this event is something that can be filmed and documented without ever being sold for profit, then I am all for it.

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                    I agree with Frodo.

                    Hey, maybe that can be the new phrase. God, I miss Postr’boy! :beer:

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                      I teach documentary filmmaking at the University of Rhode Island, so first and foremost, I’ll use the documentary as a learning tool. I also plan to go to festivals with it. I want to get as many eyes on this thing as possible…that’s why I make movies in the first place.

                      I appreciate your concern about commercializing the event, but can assure you I’m not doing this to make money. There are a few things I truly enjoy doing in this world, and two of them are filmmaking and hiking. This takes care of both.

                      I will be trying to raise some money to cover the cost of production, and will be creating as much buzz as possible after we start production.

                      And speaking of production…is anyone available during the week for interviews? We’re planning on putting the wheels in motion in the next two weeks…


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                        Definitely a cool idea, but I also agree with Frodo and Jaytrek. The true purpose should not be forgotten. However, It would be nice if it stays in line with the memorial to see why others make this hike. Hopefully some of those directly effected by 9/11 would be spotlighted and I’d also like to see the organizers here be the primary focus.
                        This event would never have gotten off the ground without them.

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                          Sounds good to me, but I am wondering what your plan is on raising money to cover the expenses, and how much do you expect them to cost?

                          As for people to interview, this event is made up of many hundreds of passionate hikers, with numerous stories. Along with all of the people who have posted on this thread (and other threads on this forum), Greg Blasko (founder of is another excellent resource. Your inquiring on who might be willing and available to interview is the way to do it, and as previously mentioned, the Boy Scout Troops who participate in this event would be an interesting interview… Also Jaytrek57’s get-together would be a fantastic place to interview numerous participants. As for me, I am off to the hot, sunny, American Southwest (hopefully earthquake free) until July 5th…

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                            If I remember correctly, Alpinista would be someone to add to the list. You might also scan the journal section of the site to see who has said things that interest you.

                            I’d also suggest looking at the pictures to see the kinds of flag raising people do… and what flags you want pictured.

                            It might be useful to have a committment that should there be any revenues beyond expenses, these would go to a worthy cause (not sure what that would be… a keg fund for the next after party?… j/k)

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                              Frodo Your inquiring on who might be willing and available to interview is the way to do it, and as previously mentioned, the Boy Scout Troops who participate in this event would be an interesting interview…

                              Hopefully, the Boy Scout Troops will all be camping in a single location, somewhere near Waterville/Technumse. *I checked the map, and we are all hiking in that general area.

                              I’m sure we’d be glad to have someone come by with a camera, we just will need to make sure we abide by the youth protection guidelines we need to follow in regard to filming the boys.

                              I’m hoping we will know our camping location within the next couple of weeks.

                              Yours In Scouting,

                              Vernon L. Palango
                              Assistant Scoutmaster – Troop 131 Wrentham, MA

                              Sherpa John
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                                More than willing to help with interviews, DVD duplication and Distribution… kinda done it all before 😛


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