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      This has come up a few times, and I would be willing to help out, but I’m not really a web genius, even though I do run a few web pages. I’m very simplistic with html, etc.

      I know most folks here are New England based. But is there any interest in expanding this effort to NY? Since many of the fatalities were in NY, this seems to make sense.

      What re-started my interest in this was hearing that a school in NY had recently covered the 46 High Peaks of the ADKs with at least one person, all on a single weekend. See for instance:


      If a single college can do this, we should be able to do it for a good cause, I reasoned!

      Is anyone else interested in this?

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        It sounds like a great idea, but I know what you’re suggesting could only come as a separate memorial hike apart from the “Flags on the 48”.

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          @Dirt wrote:

          It sounds like a great idea, but I know what you’re suggesting could only come as a separate memorial hike apart from the “Flags on the 48”.

          I’m not quite sure what you mean. A new umbrella name could be created, or it could just be 2 separate groups.

          I was a little hesitant to post this topic, as I do not want it to lead to less coverage on the NH peaks. But I don’t see a whole of lot of participation from NY’ers right now.

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            Two separate groups is what I was referring to. I had made the suggestion to expand FOT48 but the creators convinced me that it would be great to have more coverage on other peaks but that it wouldn’t be an official part of the FOT48, that it would have to be a separately established memorial hike. Mind you, I’m all for it, I think it’s a great idea to have a NYFOT46 or something similar.

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              I think it is interesting to see what is being done in other places to memorialize this day.

              I agree that the FOT48 should stay as it is, but that being said, there is nothing to stop other groups from taking a great idea and running with it. I know folks from as far away as Alabama who want to do something like this on or around September 11 and they have been watching this web site and others to get ideas of what they can do. Maybe someone who wants to organize a separate organization in NY could come to your planning meeting and get some advice on how to get started.

              I don’t think it would detract from this event at all. For me, every time I think about it, I am proud of our American freedom, and am more determined than ever to express that patriotism. I can see why this keeps coming up, it is simply infectious and you can’t help wanting to get involved. It doesn’t matter what state you are from if you are an American and love freedom.

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                i have brought this up with quite a few of the “officers” in the ADK 46ers, and also informed the “peeks” editor (letting them know about FOT48) and none seemed that interested – if you can’t even get the 46ers interested, i doubt if you can get anyone else interested – – but i have been climbing N.Y. every 9/11 – check out:



                (also if you go to the FOT48 photo gallery there are N.Y. pictures on the last page for the last 3 years)

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