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      Another year has passed by and another event is in the books. As of today we have pictures from 46 peaks. The two peaks missing: Cabot and South Carter. I’ve contacted both of these peaks volunteers and they have confirmed that flags indeed made it to both summits. 48 out of 48 again. I believe it is the 5th year in a row to do that.

      Many thanks go to ALL the hikers that participated in the event this year. It is awesome to see people coming back year after year and many new faces eager to help out. I’m personally very happy to see all the scouting troops that are involved. Hopefully this will be something they remember for years to come.

      Special thanks go to MichealJ, MtnPa, and Jaytrek for grabbing some peaks that had last minute cancellations. Jaytrek, especially saved the day, by grabbing the viewless , long hike of Owl’s Head the night before the event. Next year, we will have a separate signup for anyone who wishes to help us out with last minute cancellations. There will be a reward for doing this but the steering committee needs to figure out just how to do it.

      I personally would like to thank New Hampshire for assisting me this year with the mailbox duties because I had my wedding going on at the same time.

      Chris also earns many kudos for all the behind the scenes work he does. He’s the real man behind the curtain around here and was responsible for the website design that rolled in this year. :flag:

      Flags is volunteers. Always will be. It’s people taking time from their busy lives and pausing to remember those no longer with us. It’s roughly 400 people working together to achieve a symbol of rememberance that is unique. It’s a great feeling to raise a flag and look down the ridgeline and see another one flapping in the breeze. Flags on the 48 is not going anywhere. The Event will take place on Saturday September 12th next year. Signups will be July 13th. Mark your calanders.

      On behalf of the steering committee, Thank you to everyone who made Flags on 48 -2008 a resounding success. Our National Anthem carries the words “and our flag was still there.” Everyone made that possible this year. :flag:

      New Hampshire
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        As usual, good job to all invloved. Chris is one hard working man, and I am happy to see his dedication to the evnt has never wavered even in the face of personal issues. Jim, as always, is my amigo, and all the thanks I needed was the knowledge he trusted me to handle things for him. Jaytrek, Pa, and MJ… guys rock! I can’t wait to see how the event grows and matures as the years go on, and may we never forget exactly why we do this!


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          @SilentCal wrote:

          Signups will be July 13th.:flag:

          signup would be nicer in june, before vacation season – i always seem to be on vacation for signups – this year i had to stop outside the library in saint-jean-sur-richelieu, luckily they left their wireless on (if they hadn’t, i would have had to cruise around the neighborhood to find an un-secure wireless connection).
          anyway – – – good the hear that 48 were all flagged again…

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