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    I wanted to let you all know that I had signed up to display the flag on West Bond yesterday and that I was unable to do so. While I sincerly regret not being able to participate in this event I hope you all will understand my reason. My wife delivered our first child (Levi) on Wednsday 9-11 ( a week early).
    We are overjoyed that our son will share his birthday with the memory of those lost a year earlier.
    Friday night was our first night home. I thought I would be able to get up Sat. morning and participate in this wonderful event. Unfortunaley my wife had a long night, and by the time I realized I would be unable to hike, it was to late to make other arragements. While I must admit I loved holding my son in my arms as he slept Sat. my heart was broken at the thought that West Bond did not have a Flag displayed. Please accept my heartfelt applogy.


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    Congratulations! No apologies needed! You have much more significant things on (in) your hands. A horrific thing happened on Sept 11, 2001, but Sept 11, 2002 had many beautiful and positive things take place, including the birth of your son. Be proud, you have a special gift, with a VERY significant birthday. The children of today are the future of tomorrow….

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    Good for you, and congratulations.

    Better that you address the needs of tomorrow than the regrets of yesterday.


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    Mac, being there in spirit left West Bond well covered. Congrats on your new addition!

    Guido, well said – I would only replace “needs” with “promise”. – SherpaK

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    No apologies needed Don. Your flag was flying high in spirit. Congratulations to you and your wife for the best gift in the world. You just wait until Levi is old enough to start hiking, then the fun really begins! My oldest son started on Mt. Liberty at 5 yrs and finished the 48 when he was 11. Now he’s just given us our first Grandson, also Levi, and I got another one to bring to the mountains.

    Hopefully we can keep the 9/11 flag flying each year and you’ll be able to take Levi on the hike to participate. Let’s teach these new world citizens not only the love for the outdoors, but the need for love and understanding towards each other as well.

    Give our best wishes especially to Mama…she’s been through a lot! 😀


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