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      As I was being pelted with huge rain drops and hearing thunder roll from the Kinsmans toward my crew on Flume (and our 20 foot metal pole), quick to creep into my head were complaints of being cold and wet. It took only a second to remember why were there in the first place though – and to realize what little discomfort I was feeling compared to those whose lives were cut short on 9/11/01, and the pain their families and friends feel everyday since. In addition to remembering those who perished and those most closely affected, I’d like to take a minute to remember all the soldiers who have fought for us and lost their lives – and of course the soldiers who continue to provide us security and the ability to lay our heads in soft, dry, safe places each night. Thanks to all who made this event a wonderful experience – it was a fantastic first experience. Can’t wait for next year.

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        I feel the same as Wounded-Knee … having done this for three years now it just gets better. I encourage any out there to click on the “Victims List” from this homepage and tell me if you don’t choke up over the regular lives you see that were snuffed out so early. I feel very lucky!
        -TrekMan 8)

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          Thank you both for participating – it’s hikers like yourselves whose hearts really make this memorial what it is.

          Sherpa John
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            Most times while walking OUT from Owls Head on the Wilderness Trail you hear a litany of complaints… even more so when its raining cats and dogs. But this time it was different.. we knew our purpose and we were simply happy to be alive in our free world. I’ll hike ANYWHERE for FOT48 in ANY WEATHER.

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              I am with you SherpaJohn – the weather does not matter as much as the thought and remembrance of the lost lives. Reminds me of the 20 years I rode in a Jimmy Fund bike ride, raising thousands of dollars, and every hill or rain storm we rode in was so much less of a sacrifice that those we were in pain or worse. I am a lifer for FOT48 as long as the legs will take me.
              P.S. Did I mention that “Wounded-Knee” is my daughter?

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                You’ve a lovely large, close knit, and dynamite family. It was most pleasant to meet them and it a pleasure to meet and share this weekend with the rest of you. Yes, it gets bigger and even better each year!

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