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      Fellow Hikers,

      Another year we continue to remember and honor our 9/11 heroes by flying American flags on all the highest peaks in New Hampshire….

      This year we have chosen Mount Eisenhower to hike and raise our flag on Saturday September 14, 2019. Mount Eisenhower is located in the Presidential range. Its summit elevation is at 4760 feet and is well above treeline; offering 360-degree views of the southern presidentials and Mount Washington.

      Below is information about the hike, where we can meet and directions to the trail head.

      The hike up Mount Eisenhower via the Edmands Path/Eisenhower loop trail is 3.3 miles and has an elevation gain of 2,750 feet and should take us approximately 3.5 hours to get to the summit.

      The AMC guide book describes the trails as moderate with good footing.

      The summit is exposed and can be very windy. I would recommend you bring an extra top to change into at the top, warm clothes, food and water. The whole hike should take us 8.5 hours; 3.5 up, 2 hours flying the flag, 3.0 hours back down. Please plan accordingly.

      As in the past we will be meeting at the McDonald’s in Lincoln NH, on route 112, exit 32 off route 93. We should plan on meeting there at 6:45 and leaving for the trailhead around 7:00. It should take us 50 minutes (33 miles) to get to the Edmands Path on Mt. Clinton Road.

      If you plan on going directly to the trailhead; The Edmands Path is located off route 302 on Mt. Clinton road. (I-93 north, US-3 north, US-302 east, approximately 10 miles; turn left onto Mt. Clinton Rd). The Trailhead is 2.5 miles on your right. Please note; Mt. Clinton Rd. is rough and bumpy.

      This should be a fun hike. It will be great to see everyone again and all new hikers are welcome. I will have further info and updates that I will send out as we get closer to the date. If you have questions don’t hesitate to call or send me a note. I will have the flagpole and our American flag.

      Happy Hiking.


      2003–Hale, 2006-Osceola, 2007-Moosilauke, 2008-North Twin, 2009-Jackson, 2010-Willey, 2011-Garfield, 2012-South Twin, 2013-South Kingsman, 2014-Jefferson, 2015-Carrigain, 2016-Pierce, 2017-Flume, 2018-Middle Tripyramid, 2019-Eisenhower

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        Hi Dave,

        I’m staying nearby so will meet at the trailhead. I will plan on getting there at 7:45. I haven’t looked, but Mt Clinton road has a tendency to close. I’m not sure where the closures usually happen. Is it a safer bet to go down the Base Station Road and go right onto Mt Clinton if it might be closed? If anyone wants to carpool (not sure how many spaces at the trailhead) I am at the Bretton Arms Inn and can meet at the Bretton Arms parking lot to leave a few cars. I have a Jeep Wrangler and can only fit 3 more people so I am a bit limited.


        Team Davey
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          Hi Rob,

          Good to hear from you. I’ll be checking out the road closure this weekend and will provide updates (Hopefully it’s open). Thanks for the offer to carpool – we got hikers car pooling from Nashua and Lincoln so I believe we’re all set.

          We look forward to meeting and hiking with you on the 14th.

          Happy trails…


          David Cormier

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            Nothing to add. Just wanted to chime in to Dave with a thank you. Every so often, I watch the WMUR story and I remark “these guys do it right”. Someday, I hope we can share a campfire and or beer together. Here is to clear skies and a steady breeze on the 14th. Thanks again.

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              Thanks. See you at the trailhead.


              Team Davey
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                Thanks for your kind words. It’s been our privilege to be part of this group, and honoring our 9/11 heroes. Yes, a beer together would be cool.

                Thanks for all you do.

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                  Hi Dave,

                  Thanks for organizing everything. We’ll meet you in Lincoln at 6:45.

                  See you soon!
                  -Jen, Christina and Sara

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                    Good Morning all,

                    I’m driving up from south of Boston Saturday morning and was planning to meet in Lincoln. Should I miss the time window in Lincoln, I will drive direct to the trailhead. Shouldn’t be traffic in Boston at before the crack of dawn on a Saturday but one never knows!


                    Team Davey
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                      Fellow Hikers, FOT48 Eisenhower update:

                      Prepare for rain; pray for sunshine! “The people we are honoring did not get to choose the outcome of their day” (J.Roy).

                      Looks like there is some rain in the forecast for our hike, please plan accordingly – we’re done this before (2016, Pierce, Chronicle)
                      The safety of all hikers is the utmost importance. If you do not feel comfortable with the conditions please make the right decision.

                      A few notes;
                      I’ve confirmed the Clinton Road gate is open, so there will be no problem getting to the trailhead.
                      There are a number of single hikers meeting us at McDonalds in Lincoln – please extend carpool invitations.
                      We’re still planning on meeting at McDonalds (Lincoln) at 6:45, or Davis Path trailhead at 7:50.
                      – Never Forget

                      I’m looking forward to another FOT48 memorial hike with family, good friends and new hikers. This will be another great event.
                      (Detail information is below or on the FOT48 website (above)).

                      Kind regards,


                      Team Davey
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                        Hi All,

                        Quick correction to my email notes – I stated “Davis Path” it actually Edmunds Path. (all other references are correct).
                        We’re still planning on meeting at McDonalds (Lincoln)  at 6:45, or “Edmunds Path” trailhead at 7:50.  

                        (Thanks Hiker Girl)

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