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      she’s hibernating, shhhhh….

      Contrary to popular belief I have not fallen off the planet, either.
      I am alive and well and always missing my merry band of hiking buddies. I have been living vicariously through the insane winter hiking antics of Magic and Co.. I will try to be more attentive to all y’all. I am quite sure spring is just around the bend and I will be seeing most of you soon enough.

      Thanks for checking up on me, no need to worry.
      See you soon
      Love you

      New Hampshire
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        The Mud will come soon enough, and then, the annual rebirth of the lady-of-the-dirt shall come upon us!!!! 😆


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          >>I am quite sure spring is just around the bend and I will be seeing most of you soon enough.<<

          hey – i’m not so sure about that (even though the groundhog said it would be early) – – i just had alnost 2 feet of snow to clear off my driveway at my place upstate (havent seen that much in march in a long time…

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            The snow is vanishing *fast* here in Vermont! The deck has cleared itself off and there’s so much runoff in the field next door that a small stream has formed.

            That said, the storm last weekend made for a perfect finish to ski season up at Sunday River. Black diamonds and mogul fields are now my friends, no longer my enemies. 8)

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              I refer to the frozen flattened drops of winter rain which fall from the sky too often and linger far too long on the ground as the s-word!!!
              More commonly known as the white shite!!! I have no need or desire for it!!! Nor for winter in general, with it’s freezing below 40 temps, frigid skin burning winds, the freekin sneeky ice the covers everything and lets not forget the mood altering serious lack of sunlight!!!
              Want me to tell you how I really feel about winter???
              I am getting new hiking boots today to celebrate(a wake of sorts)the death of winter. Can’t wait to get them dirty!!!
              Woohoo, Spring!!!
              I am all about warmth and mud love!!

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                @dirt_girl wrote:

                I am all about warmth and mud love!!

                Shoulda been in VT for that “stream” in the field. It became a pond by midafternoon. Oh, and the field? Cow field. Part of the dairy farm.

                That mud … it ain’t mud.

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                  Yay, Dirt_Girl lives!

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                    Hey Una_dogger!
                    Thanks for the yay!
                    I do believe you started this… 😀
                    See you (and that charming man you’ve taken up with) in June?!!!

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                      Yup, we’re planning on it!

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