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      I was looking to send Dan, the coordinator for South Hancock a message. But, I can not seem to find him on the memberlist. Is it me loosing my mind, or is Dan not listed on the memberlist.

      If not listed on the memberlist, how do I contact him?


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        It is possible that Dan is not directly registered with the site. This does happen. Hopefully he might register and post his trip route on the forums.

        During signups, there was a snafu and all the e-mail addresses were lost so we can’t help you there.

        If I can find a way to reach him, I’ll forward the info.

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          I am coordinating Hancock, he is on So. Hancock. I wanted to see if he wanted to take down my flag and I would take down his. This would enable us to hit both peaks with out the down time and also to reap the rewards of our labor by seeing our own flags from a different peak.

          No worries if you cannot find his information. It is not the worst thing to start over to So. Hancock at 2:00pm or not at all.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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