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      Hi Cannon Crew!
      I’ve spoken to some of you by email but I’m extremely excited to have all of you for FOT48 2020. The hike up Cannon Mt is approximately 2 miles on the Kinsman Ridge Trail from Exit 34B on 1-93 at the Cannon parking area. It involves approximately 2500 ft in elevation gain. The trail is considered moderate-difficult depending on the site you look at. Based on my experience, it has a lot of loose gravel and rocks that make the elevation gain a bit more difficult. Inclimate weather will add another difficult variable. As always, prepare for the worst but hope for the best weather conditions we can get.

      The top of Cannon has great views of the Franconia Ridge, Franconia Notch, Kinsman Range and many other prominent mountains in the area. At the summit, there is an observation tower as well. Feel free to bring binoculars in hopes of seeing some other peak flags. A benefit of this peak is we have some tree cover to use for protection if the weather is less than ideal. Cannon, however, can get some high wind and attract bad weather based on its location. My plan is to have us meet in the parking lot for 630AM and start up by 7. This should give us plenty of time to get our gear set up at the base then get the flag flying at the summit for Noon. I have a flag pole made of PVC piping that connects the flag with carabiners. The pole is supported with guy lines and can break down into smaller pieces to carry to the summit easier. It has been used twice on Mt. Whiteface and Mt. Cube.

      It sounds like most of you guys are experienced hikers but please remember to bring the 10 essentials, plenty of warm clothing, rain gear, food and water. As far as I remember, and after looking back over the map, it doesn’t appear there are any reliable water sources to filter from. Just keep this in mind as we will be out for a majority of the day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at or by cell at 603-205-5375. I’m hoping for a great hike up to remember and honor all those who perished on 9/11. Thank you.


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        Hi All. Going to update the start time to 8AM. Let’s all plan to meet by 730 to split up gear. 8AM should still give us Ample time to reach the top and set up. THANK YOU!

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          I added all the photos I took and added them to OneDrive for everyone. Feel free to add your own photos as well!


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            Please also add these awesome photos to the Gallery!

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