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      Hello. Welcome to Cannon.

      I will not be present at this peak but am helping some newer hikers to the event.

      Some folks will be using the tram to head up. They will be bringing a flag and pole with them.

      The hikers of the group will be starting from various times at the Kinsman Ridge trailhead near the Cannon parking lot.

      Some of the slower hikers will be starting at 7:00am while some of the quicker hikers plan to begin around 9:00am.

      This trail is steep and the footing can be difficult in some places. There maybe a rather large muddy section up near the top that attention needs to be paid to. Flags are expected to fly from 12:00 until 2:00pm. Join us if you would like.

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        Thanks Jim, both my girlfriend and I are fairly experienced hikers and have done FOT48 once prior so hopefully with enough help from others we can make this happen!
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          My friend and I will be hiking
          Will there be any formal start time or just start when you are comfortable?

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            Thanks Jim Roy for all your hard work regarding Cannon. My husband and I are set to go. We will be saying a few words of remembrance at noon. Weather looks good!

            Gram (Barbara Franconia)

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              Sue, the hikers are leaving from the Kinsman Ridge lot around 9:00. My impression is they are a quick bunch. So you can start a little earlier and they can catch you. The trail is steep and at times rough and muddy.

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