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      Topofgothics and I left the trailhead just shy of 8:00. The initial mile or so on the old logging road was overgrown with stuff that came up to my neck. It was raining pretty hard just before we started hiking so we got quite soaked just from that brush. Bob Saidi caught up to us not too long after we turned off that section of trail. He moves faster than I do, so he went on ahead and waited at the cabin for us. The trail was more like a stream for much of the way. It was wet, rainy and cold the whole day other than a brief 5 minute tease where the sun actually came out. We had the flag up by a little after 12 then had hot lunches which were welcomed! Bob brought his little grille and hotdogs which he shared. Topofgothics and I had ramen and coffee! We had 7 visitors on the summit which surprised us – we didn’t expect any! Two gentlemen (self-described as “50 year old fat guys”) were excited because when they got to the false summit they knew they weren’t at the true summit because there was no flag. They asked if we saw a couple of young men in shorts and sneakers – we hadn’t so they never made the summit, which seemed to please the two 50 year olds :D. After packing up we stopped at the cabin to warm up before heading down. I always enjoy this day – despite the weather. Compared to why we hike this hike, bad weather is nothing…

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        Compared to why we hike this hike, bad weather is nothing…

        Well said, and so true.

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          Thanks for a great trip report, TMax! I’ve added a few more photos to the gallery. I did climb Mount Waumbek on Sunday, which was a much nicer day; I could probably see about half of the 48 from the outlook just past the summit. Also, at the fireplace on Mount Starr King I met a woman who had flown the flag on Mount Hale the day before.

          Kathy, the hatchery gate opened at 7:45 a.m., and the staff there told me that for the time being they are experimenting with closing it at 10 p.m., so we had plenty of time to fly the flag and hike down.

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