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      So.. we have the Cliff…

      Any help would be appreciated..

      Where would folks like to see the flag flown? Do you think it would be ok to hang it from the cliff itself or rather it waving from a pole above the cliff.

      There are alot of shattered rocks up there so I’ll need to come up with a rigging system if the right way is to fly it from a pole.. I’m not sure on the PC for this so.. any help is appreciated!


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        Check the Gallery John for some insights on to pole rigging. I have a unique setup of a long electrical conduit that I use in a sleeve like someone would in a parade. Of course it doubles as the best lightening rod in the Whites that day but I’ll take my chances.

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          I always thought it would look awesome to hang a huge flag off Bondcliff; however, flag etiquette precludes having it touch the ground, and I would not want to desicrate the flag or offend anyone.

          It’s not that hard to put a pole up. Look at the West Bond gallery – some PVC or electrical conduit makes a fine pole, and with guy lines strung out appropriately it won’t be under undue stress. It’s pretty easy to tie off rope with all that broken rock up there; for two of my tie points I just snared the rope under a small, heavy boulder and it held nicely.

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            I agree with MichaelJ on hanging it from the base. I really would have liked to but decided against it.

            And, we had no problem using PVC with 4 lengths of paracord for support, In fact there was a perfect spot between some of the rocks to support the base of the pole. 🙂

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              Not only is it bad “flag etiquette” to drape a flag over the ground, no one would be able to see it…

              On a beautiful peak like Bondcliff, the higher you can raise the flag (and the bigger it is) will result in the highest amount of people being able to see it. Conceivably, it can be seen from numerous summits with binoculars, and from Bond and W. Bond with the naked eye.

              I also sugggest looking thru the photo galleries, and previous threads for flag pole ideas. The key thing here is light weight, easy to assemble, but STRONG enough to withstand the stress, especailly if we end up with a windy day… (though over the past years we have had barely a breeze, but you never know…)

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                I was on West Bond last year and noticed that Mt Bond and Bond Cliff were popular destinations for hikers doing a traverse. The Bond cliff is perhaps one of the most photographed spots in the Whites. It juts out into the wilderness with a backdrop of the West Bond slides int he background. Hikers maynot be happy to have anything else there with them in thier pictures. This is an imortant event for most of us, we are participating in a patriotic living memorial. Not everyone in the mountains that day, however, will share our feelings. I think our event should coexist like a respectfull neighbor not overun the landscape. Last year I think Pepsi had the flag on the actual summit, which left the cliff free from objects not normaly found in the wilderness.

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