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      Nice hike up to Bond. Started pretty early and was up around Bondcliff around 10:45am. Jackson, my dog, did great, he is two months removed from heartworm treatment and this was a big hurdle for him. He “disappeared” for a while on the LW trail, but I figured he was just having some ‘fun”. He caught up to me and we proceeded on. Lingered at Bondcliff to long (who doesn’t?) and made my way to Bond.

      Flag was up a little after 12:00pm. Met some tremendous people, esp. three Brits who helped in the raising. Lawnsale, who I know from ROT, also made an appearance and he decided to make it a full traverse, if I would give him a ride back to Zealand…no problem…and happy to have the company…especially for the last 5 miles out. Flag came done around 2:00pm and off we went.

      Made it to the Bob&Gerri’s and can’t speak enough about there unbelievable hospitability. Caught up with HBob, Steve,Christa, Sabrina Russ and the whole crew. Also met some new folks. Very relaxing time.

      FOT48 means a great deal to me (as I am sure it does to everyone). I am so proud to be part of this event. Thanks to MichaelJ, Frodo, Chris, SilentCal, NewHampshire and the rest of the Steering Committee for another great year. Never forget!



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        And thanks to you for picking up Bond at the last minute! A great effort.

        New Hampshire
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          Jay, you (and Jackson!!!! 😀 ) are the greatest! It was very nice to see you at the Tarry Ho.


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            Nice job, Jay….good to see you at Tarry Ho!


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              I concur, awesome job with picking up Bond at the last minute. Well done!!!

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