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      The first thing I want to do is thank the two firefighters from Toronto for their help in raising the flags. With the wind as it was, I could not have done it without them.

      The next thing I want to do is thank Jaytrek, Dirtgirl, MichaelJ, and SilentCal for setting up my tent at the KOA while Vicki and Tim lit their grill and let me make something to eat. I think telling me about the showers might have been more for their benefit but getting out of those wet clothes felt especially good and I think that was the best shower I have ever taken at a campground. I have no idea what I did to deserve it, maybe I just looked that bad, but thank you. And Vicki, more thanks for the chair.

      I arrived at Lincoln Woods from Connecticut and was just starting to get ready when Drewski pulled in and came over. We caught up some while I was getting ready and soon after SherpaJohn and Sherpette pulled in and started to get packed up too.
      I was ready to go at this point and just said a brief hello to the rest of the Owls Head crew and the Bond cliff crew. I had plans to filter water and stop to eat so I thought I would see most of them again soon.

      .The weather was great, the Wilderness trail, as always, just zips by on the way in and before I know it, I’m at the bridge not ready to stop yet so I continue on to the Bond Cliff Trail. I have not seen the others yet so I’ll see them at the KOA later.
      I filtered some water at one of the crossings but was not really hungry yet so on I went now planning on eating at Bond Cliff instead.

      The weather was still great and I was thinking that maybe I should have brought the new flagpole and flag along. I started getting it together in April and had the test sometime in May I think but on Thursday after hearing all of the forecasts I abandoned it in favor of the set-up from the past years. A wet nylon flag seemed a better choice to carry out than a larger wet cloth flag but being solo and thinking about setting it up, the wind predictions were really what made the decision.

      Shortly before Bond Cliff, the winds pick up and I returned to rational thought, there is no way I could have raised that flag alone. I’m not sure I can raise this one alone.

      Lots of hikers on Bond Cliff. It’s windy but beautiful and sitting there looks wonderful. I plan on it myself. But, In a conversation with 2 hikers they mention that they are heading back to Guyot soon and I get the thought that if I get to Bond before them and get the pole all set, I can ask for help on the raising so I head out. The only problem is that I have too much in my pack, I haven’t even touched the 3 pounds of fruit yet and now I have and extra 4+ liters of water, 2 cameras, batteries, headlamp, flags, pole, etc. They have a camera pack, so keeping ahead of them is wearing me out and we reach the peak at the same time.

      They did want to get on to Guyot but I asked them anyway and they graciously helped not only with the raising, but assembly. Actually all I did was hold the pole with the flags up in the wind, and they tied it all off. I guess Toronto teaches improvisational rope tying to its firefighters because they did a most excellent job. The flag was up before 11:30. I took their photo and they headed on to Guyot. I could not have done it and kept the flags off the ground without them. They did seem to especially appreciate the World flag that Jade had provided and I think it made them feel part of what we are doing

      I ate lunch and got the CamelBak out and ready but the wind was really snapping the flags and the ropes and pole needed adjustment and I was afraid to leave it alone for too long, at pone point I thought the top of the pole was going to break off, so I blew off going to W Bond and put on my Crocs and tried to find a place to sit out of the wind and work on the grapes and strawberries.

      There were a lot more visitors than I expected. Some were coming from Guyout and going to Bond Cliff and back so I got to see them twice. Maybe that’s why it seemed like so many and it was still less than last year on Lafayette but they’re a different kind of hiker and that makes it interesting. Especially the group that calls themselves the Wogs. I hope to see them sign up for a peak next year.

      I offered grapes and strawberries to everyone but most declined, probably thinking that they were taking my food, until I started begging and showed them how many I had left. I managed to get that down to about a pint and I knew I could finish that off somewhere along the trail

      The rain did start at about 1:00 but not enough to dampen the spirits, just enough to put on the boots before they filled up. I already had on the precip to lessen the wind. I saved the gloves for the decent; I want to start out with them dry. For the next hour it rained on and off and I did my best to keep things dry. It didn’t work so well. I did keep the cameras dry but did not get more pictures. I thought I was keeping the pad with everyone’s name dry but I think I may not have been. It’s kind of not paper anymore.

      Hikers still came by including the Wogs on their return and a few even waited in the rain until after 2:00 to help take down the flag and pole before they headed on, possibly to Garfield but maybe Guyot depending on the weather. While I was sitting waiting for the lightning to pass I was thinking that they were probably at Guyot. Then As I went over Bond Cliff and it was as clear as it had been this morning I thought that maybe the Wogs would get their sunset on West Bond.

      This thought of course passed quickly as the lightning reappeared with thunder, hail and more wind. The hail made the rocks slippery and slow going and there were stops to take off and put on rain gear. And then the hard rain started. I can’t write the rest, it was just learning about myself. Thanks to everyone that came by.

      A great day. Off with the wet socks on to the KOA. Fashionably late.

      Next year I hope to use the new pole and flags.

      :flag: :flag: :flag:

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        Ahh, grasshopper… you are most awesome hiker dude!!
        A fabulous trip report as well !!! Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a trip report from you?
        It was good to see you at the KOA; knowing you were safe.
        You are a remarkable man, Pepsi!!
        FOT48 will make installment payments on our debt of gratitude. Thanks.

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