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    The best quotes of the weekend from the Zealand crew:

    “Yeah, he would have to be huge, like an NHL linebacker” (think about it . . .)

    “No cream OR sugar?? Huh, I wonder if a marshmellow would work” (it didn’t)

    “Think she drives a Forrester?” “Yeah, definitely”

    Sherriff: “Is that your dog?”
    Rob: “Uhh, no”
    Sherriff: “Do you know whose it is?”
    Rob: “Uhh, not really”
    (It was my dog. She’s loud)

    Dome: (takes Pete’s water from his pack) “Let’s share your water now Pete and we can share mine later”
    Chris: “Don’t trust him Pete!”
    Pete: “Nah, he wouldn’t screw me out of water, he’s my brother”
    Later . . .
    Dome: “Uhhh, Pete I can’t seem to find my water, I thought I had another liter in here . . . “

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    While applying the duct tape to my blisters my sock hand puppet/hiking partener mentioned that “The best thing about putting on duct tape on, is taking it off!” Further hand puppet quotes included “Heads up some one’s coming!” & “Hey it stinks in here!”. Hey, I hiked alone improvisions were a matter of survival.

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    “Hey, are you the guy that played Hamlet in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead?” (I played this role 5+ years ago in Portsmouth).

    “I thought to myself ‘Hey, here comes Hamlet.'” (see above)

    “I wonder if this bug can fly.” (following this comment, big bug was tossed over the cliff where it was quickly discovered that the bug did NOT fly. Willingly, anyhow.)

    “Hey, look through the trees, you can see the… thing.” (The missing word here would be ‘mountain’.)


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    Well, I hope your husband will remain a respectful distance from the wedding party”

    My wife rode to the summit of Cannon in the tram with a car load full of exquisitely dressed members of a wedding party. The statement above came after she mentioned that I was hiking to the top and that I “might be a little ripe and sweaty from the climb.”

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