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      Remember these few points:

      1. Everyone you hike with, becomes everyone you hike out with. Safety first and foremost. Flags are secondary to anyone’s welfare out in the mountains.

      2. Leave No Trace. The only thing you leave out there is footprints.

      3. Take some time to remember why you are doing this.

      4. Take some pictures of the flag and crew. Post them when the galleries are up

      5. Confirmation. We will have a post set up so that people can say where they saw flags from and confirm their own.

      6. By all means, share the event with other hikers. This event would not be where it is without folks sharing their stories and experience.

      7. Video’s are good too. We will have a post with links to Youtube for people to share the expereince. I’ve heard of several musical pieces being played. Please share them

      I just want to thank Frodo for pretty much starting this whole thing. One hike ten years ago, has really blossomed into something special. From all the Steering Committee Gang, Chris, MichealJ, New Hampshire and Jaytrek and myself, I wish everyone some happy trails on Sunday and a gentle breeze to keep those flags flying.

      Thanks Everyone.
      :flag: Silentcal

      P.S. It’s good to be back!!!

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