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      After re-reading this thread, I feel we should combine everyone’s post and start another sign-up list for those that will cover a peak “on call”, those that want to join in to cover a peak “if the primary drops out”, and a new list of peaks as in SilentCal’s idea. One’s with a bare summit so even more mountains will be covered, more can join in and we can see all the flags.
      The more flags the better!

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        We should first focus on the 48 peaks. Once we are sure they are covered, then we can worry about the other point’s to flag. If the reserved peaks go unclaimed we will need groups to take care of them. The Alpinezone skiing forum would be a good place to maybe get some volunteers for Cannon and Wildcat. Sort of a pre-winter get together to plan some skiing trips with others from the board. Plus once we post on other sites, we’ll open this event to so much people. We have a much better jump this year than last year and hopefully we can keep up the momentum. Just some randoms thoughts…..

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          Don’t we wish to have back-up teams for all the 48 peaks and on call hikers. I think this should be implemented asap. It should be nicely organized weeks
          ahead of schedule.

          Yes, it would be cool to see flags on Clay, Little Haystack, Mt. Hight, Guyot, Franklin, even on Boot Spur, Nelson Crag etc. There seems to be no end to the peaks that flags can be flown on.

        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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