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      This is one of the coolest things I have seen, and I am surprised this is the first year/time I am seeing this.

      Just want to give you a quick “Thank You” for doing this. it is important I think for people not to ever forget that day, and the lives lost. Mine, luckily was spared.

      I was there and used to work in the WTC (7WTC) I was in the square at the foot of the twin towers drinking my morning coffee, on the way to work when the first plane hit. Then the second…I could type up a whole story about the experience… Long story short, I dodged falling debrit and more if you know what I mean, and escaped with my life, and no wounds. However the siteas I saw, and the scene itself will forever be with me.

      From someone that was there, Thank You for doing this, and I am going to be seeing if I can get up there to participate. Although I am not the greatest hiker, maybe people can suggest one of the easier peaks to participate in if I can make my schedule work.

      Thank you :flag:

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        Welcome Z-man!

        So glad you found us! We’re really just a grassroots group who are passionate about commemorating and memorializing the people involved with 9/11, so we aren’t really mainstream. We’d LOVE to have you participate in our event. You’re more than welcome to join my group on Willey, it’ll be about a 3 1/2 hour hike. Or some of the easier hikes include Mt. Hale, Tecumseh, Galehead and a few others. There are also some peaks that you can get a ride to the summit like Washington, Cannon and Wildcat D. We hope you’ll be able to make it, feel free to reply with questions!

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          Welcome z-man,

          Chris is correct, we try to stay as grassroots as possible, and try to keep the event a memorial and not a publicity stunt. There are some really good people who take the time to participate in this event and they all have their reasons for doing so. Many people have talked to me at the summit and said “thanks for doing this”. It’s actually a great feeling to look out to a neighboring peak and be able to spot a flag. Many folks stop and tell you what they were doing that day. You are correct, we must never forget because we were all touched in some way by it.

          Feel free to ask us whatever questions you need to so we can help you out.

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            I appreciate the encouragement. As of right now, i am game. I have been trying to gather a couple of my buddies as well to see if they want/can join me as well, so far it is just me though.

            I am still relatively new to hiking but more or lesss am over prepared rather then under. So I hope I don’t slow you guys down too much Chris. 😀

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