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      Nothing special here, just curious to see how many of us are AMC members.


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        look out for them – if they can find a way to take over flags on the 48 they will!

        i am a member… they are mostly good, i like thier magazine, i like the way that they have organized hikes scheduled, i like pinkham notch visitors center, shuttles (i used the shuttle once) and trail maintenance. i am not crazy about the huts. i also don’t like the way that they weasel thier way into running everything in and about new england hiking – – – they run the new hampshire 4000 footers list, the new england 4000 footers list, the new england 100 highest list and now… they have taken over the northeast 115ers – – – as soon as i heard that priscilla robertson (115ers) was retireing and handing it over to them (the AMC) i volunteered to take it over for her. but it wasn’t meant to be, she was already giving it up to them and the AMC wouldn’t have it any other way. it used to take 2 weeks for your patch from the 115ers, when you finish your 115 now you will have the 6 month bureaucratic wait like the other AMC lists for your patch and recognition, just leave a space for it… it will come someday just like the other 4000 footer patches did – – – – in n.y. we have a different one running each list. we have the adirondack 46ers, and the catskill 35ers, and both are seperate from each other and any hiking club (and your patch and congratulations letter take 2 weeks) – the adirondack mountain club has nothing to do with any peak list and the camaraderie in both the 35ers & 46ers is much better than in the bureaucratic AMC 4000′ clubs – – – – – also there is another reason the 115er should not be “owned” by the AMC – there are many more new yorkers that have finished the 115 than new englanders, almost half of all finishers are from n.y. (15-20 more would make 1/2), the other half are from the rest of the world) – don’t get me wrong, i like the AMC for the most part, but they are just too big to really care!

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          Sadly, with a single household income I have to watch every penny, but I try to support the AMC in other ways. They’ve sold at least 50 extra White Mountain Guides through my web site!

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            Like Coberg, on one income I can’t justify the expense. For all of their bureaucratic nonsense, I think they’ve some some good things for the White in particular. The Pinkham notch center and the hiker shuttle are two of the best examples. As for the huts… I think they’re grossly overpriced but on the flip side I’ve used their common areas many times on dayhikes for rest, lunch, water, and information.

            Re: The AMCs influence on the area – I think the good outweighs the bad if the non-serious hikers that stay in the huts and partake in the programs leave the woods with a better appreciation of such a beautiful natural resource.

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