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      This is what I posted on FB today: Team Adams……anyone? Since our team leader is spending Friday night at the Madison Hut, and hiking to Adams Saturday morning, I am wondering who would like to meet at the trailhead Saturday morning and complete the hike at that time, summitting by noon. Is anyone interested?

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        Hello All
        The hike to Adams .
        we will raise a flag in remembrance of those killed on 9/11 . All 48 peaks will have a flag raised from 12 till 2 on this day . I have also secured a flag that flew at ground zero that has all the victims names on it including all first responders, that we will also raise . We will stay at the top for an extended time of two hours . And we will be starting from Madison Hut on Saturday to be sure we reach the top by noon So that is why we are hiking on Friday and staying at the Hut Friday Night.all participants will help in carrying the pole and the flags to and from the top
        We will hike the Valley way trail.3.8 miles to Madison hut on Friday SEPT 8 there we will drop most of our gear and pick our bunks. we will enjoy a nice day at the Hut. or those who are interested can Tag Mt Madison (osgood trail) 1 mile additional on Friday before dinner. Saturday We will summit ADAMS( star lake trail)an additional 2 miles round trip were will will raise the American Flag in Remembrance of those who lost their life on September 11,2001
        After 2 on Saturday we will head back to the cars.and hit the parking lot about 7pm Those that are interested can camp on Saturday night for a small fee and hang on Sunday and go swimming at Crazy Horse Campground about 40min away from the trail head
        please call paul for more info about the hike 781-389-8115

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